Therapy group

You can apply now* (see note below), group meets every fortnight for 10 sessions in alternating between Cork and Bandon. Please note the group is now full however there is  the chance of a new intake in February 2016, please apply if your interested.


                It takes real courage to enter into any kind of psychotherapy, to look deeply into yourself. You may have already taken that step into seeing what it means to be human now.

  It’s also possible that you may have paused for a while or you now want to open a new aspect of yourself ,you know that there is no going back once the journey into the deeper aspects of life has begun. This group will offer a way of making another step on that journey with the support and reflection of others with the same quest* (see note)

     Working in a group has some advantages over individual work. It offers a possibiity of a lens created by the group to accelerate the inner individual process as well as to be keenly aware of how you are in social situations.  It's also cheaper than one to one therapy!

                We all begin and spend much of our lives in groups of one kind or another. At first, as human beings we live within a family and then we are educated, live, work, and play in groups, and the formation of our personalities is influenced by these experiences.

                In this group the aim is to provide individuals with a safe space to come together with others to form a group where members can discuss and explore and reflect upon whatever issues are of concern to them/you.  One of the many important aspects of being in the group t is Iearning how to communicate one's thoughts and feelings more effectively to another. To be heard and understood in relationship is central to group work as is confidentiality in what is revealed.


                The cost €25 per session or €200 if you pay for all ten sessions.

     I hope you will join us in this group. It may hold exciting possibilities for you.

*Please note this group is not open to people who have not been in therapy before unless they are specifically referred by a therapist or someone in therapy all applicants will be interviewed by me before the group begins.

                If you need to find out more please ring me or text  on 086 1072505

or  click  here to email

You can apply now

After acceptance a deposit of €50 is required please use Paypal below drop down menu or send cheque to Charlie Stevens, Saoirse, St Anne’s, Bandon, Co Cork. Thankyou.