Systemic Family Constellations


Family Constellations

Next workshops Saturday 20th/Sunday 21st February  2016

Flowyoga Centre Clonakilty

Then May 21st 22nd

Yoga Village Dalkey

Cost : €150 book by card or paypal at the bottom of the page

or send cheque for deposit of €50  to

Charlie Stevens, Saoirse, St Anne’s, Bandon. Co Cork ;Ireland

   Mobile 086 1072505 



         Some information about this work

    The primary focus of these workshops is to create a safe opening to who we are and where is our true place in the order of life, that includes all the members of our family and parts of ourselves. Constellations are a very powerful way to reveal the hidden dynamics within the family or other system and our relationship and place in the system. They can also show our relationship to illness and it’s obscured history, this may or may not bring a ‘cure’ but can bring healing.

     The question of true belonging is vital to each human being. To know we are ‘at home’ in ourselves and therefore in the world is what most of us long for in life as it brings peace.

        During a constellation representatives are chosen from the group for members of the actual family or other system and placed in the space in relationship to each other as seen by the person working (note it’s not necessary for any actual family members to be present except the ‘client’)

We then wait and listen and see what movements might take place and what words might emerge between the representatives, sometimes the therapist will assist in this process.

        The extraordinary thing is that the representatives can feel and sense the actual dynamics of the system in question without knowing the story. We then work in a careful and sensitive way to see if there is the possibility of a resolution to a conflict or inclusion of those excluded for various reasons.                                          

     This can bring a new image and a sense of peace in the heart and ease in the soul. Remarkably without any other ‘doing’ the actual members of the family can be affected by this as well as the person doing the work.

        In the constellations as well as the movement the witness is a vital part of the process and part of our work is to develop a healthy witness consciousness. If you wish you can come to the workshop as a witness or representative without doing your own constellation.

    In constellation work sometimes experience is actually a hinderance rather than a help so we encourage all present whether new to the work or experienced to enter what Dr Albrecht Mahr has called the ‘knowing field’ with ‘beginners mind’.


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