Of course the greatest loss we suffer is that of the death of a loved one in whatever circumstances some much more tragic than others. There are also other losses that can have a deep effect on us in our lives for example loss of ability, loss of work, loss of relationship, loss of money, loss of an animal etc.

     Each of us has our own way of grieving and there are no ‘rules’ for how it’s done, the important thing is that we have a place where all our emotions and thoughts can be expressed and received without judgement  or criticism. Sometimes we have thoughts about losses that seem taboo to our family or friends or society and this is where therapy can perhaps help the most, but whatever is going on it is really supportive to have somewhere to go to be heard in complete confidence and empathy throughout the grieving process. Often at the beginning there are no words that are useful but just to sit with another and feel the feelings can be of huge benefit. It is then possible eventually to see what is next in life and to be supported in the next step.

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